Restore, Protect and Build your Brand

People’s perception of your brand can make or break your business, so any potentially damaging content on the Internet needs to be dealt with immediately and strategically.

Online reputation repair (ORR) is all about improving or restoring your good standing by countering or eliminating any negative material about your brand, replacing it with more positive content to restore your credibility.

Why Online Reputation Repair?

Potential clients can just as quickly change their buying choices when they see negative news, reviews, blog posts, and comments about your company.

Not only harmful content will stay where they are, they can also quickly spread across various online channels such as on search engine results and social media networks.


Any form of negative content can and will gravely tarnish your brand and business. That's why it's crucial to have your online reputation monitored and any unfavorable content mitigated, while proactively establishing your positive reputation.


It's been said that when something reaches the internet, it stays there. This is true, and for whatever reason, there may be things on the internet that you might prefer not to stay. While we may not always be able to have these taken away (but we go for it anyway), it is however quite possible to bury them.

Studies have shown that 78% of internet users carry out product research online and 80% have a change in purchase decision after seeing a detrimental review online.

Whether real or fake, one bad review about your company from a disgruntled customer can rapidly hurt your reputation. Take charge of how your brand is perceived online by countering negative reviews with positive ones. Make certain that people know about your brand's glowing reviews and testimonials.


When one disgruntled customer leaves a scathing review online, it can destroy your reputation, your brand, and everything you have worked hard for all these years. All it takes is one negative comment.