Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing

Everything you need to know about email marketing

As more people begin to work from home, email is the new “workplace.” Now is the best time ever to perfect email marketing. Read this post on sending emails during a pandemic first. To sum it up now is NOT the time to begin an email marketing campaign; it will NOT be appreciated unless you…

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Business Emails Not to Send Clients During the Pandemic

Six Emails You Should Not Send During a Pandemic

Many people are working from home right now, and so many businesses having dispersed the workforce, email has never been so relevant. However, based on the emails I’ve been getting lately, a lot of companies are blowing things up with their customer emails. Though there are several posts about email and email marketing, the current…

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Why Companies Need to Focus on Digital Marketing to Beat COVID-19

Businesses need to focus on digital marketing to beat covid-19

In the coming months, businesses will have to depend on and focus on digital marketing initiatives to withstand the raging Coronavirus pandemic. And this is why. Over the last few months, several tech companies have had to suspend their events because of the current pandemic. In addition to SXSW, other canceled events include The Cannes…

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Managing Your Digital Marketing Presence During COVID-19

How to Approach Your Digital Marketing Presence During COVID-19

If your organization has temporarily stopped doing business or chosen to introduce a telework schedule, how you handle your digital marketing strategy might change in response to this ongoing health crisis. Here are some suggestions for managing your digital marketing footprint during COVID-19: Be Aware of Your Tone The strength of social media during this…

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