Developing a Content Marketing Plan

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Some people call it a content marketing plan, others a content strategy, and others a content plan. Whichever name you use, it’s important to have a well-defined process for your site content in order to help boost search ranking and grow website traffic. Aimlessly creating content never generates enough traction and can be pricey. A very clear, documented approach presents direction, preps you for potential obstacles, and ensures you’re budgeting enough to meet your targets for your website marketing.


Regrettably, there’s no universal one-size-fits-all for developing a digital content policy since sectors vary widely. Probably the most crucial thing is that your approach should fit your objectives and be appropriate within your markets competition level. In addition, it should fit with your company culture, financial strength, and your overall business goals. Provided you take these ideas into consideration, you can develop a great program for your content effort.

But, if you’re short on time, here’s a toned-down tutorial to ensure you understand the essentials of creating a solid content marketing strategy.


Why are you producing a website content marketing plan? Is it so you can justify your content marketing expenditures? Is it because you’re trying to reach a new, specific market? Are you designing a plan to get more organized? Be specific such as “We intend to boost X percent traffic on our website per month within six months.”

Documenting 1-3 specific goals will help you adhere to your targets and prevent possible distractions along the way.


A terrific content marketing plan revolves around the target market. Who are they? What kind of content do they enjoy? Which digital devices do they use to access content? These are just some of the things you should ask yourself. These are the sort of visitors that would make excellent customers. Be specific with age range, gender, job titles, interests, etc


There are close to a dozen content varieties you can use on your site. From blog posts to newsletters, infographics, to interactive product builders, endorsements to how-to’s and everything between, you have countless choices to pick from. The issue is that you have to know what content type will be the most effective. Which one will help you reach the most people? Which one ensures the highest ROI?

So, at this early period, make time to learn about all the content types, their pros and cons, and their suitability to your marketing campaign. Test some content and see what pages get the greatest traffic and time spent on the web pages.

content marketing plan


The good news is that you have easy access to huge amounts of resources designed exclusively to help marketers discover stimulating and powerful content ideas for their campaigns. HubSpot, as an example, has a tool that examines sites and instantly tells marketers the most effective types of content to concentrate on. BuzzSumo and Feedly can help you keep an eye on trending topics. And, What to Write goes one step further to suggest ideal content topics depending on your circumstances.


Content Management Systems are web software programs, including WordPress, developed to automate and facilitate content production, curation, and analytics. Some make your work so effortless you won’t even feel the pressures of running a content campaign. But, do you actually need one? And if so, which one? Also, these programs need to be invested in (often monthly). Do you have the required budget?

Again, use this early opportunity to evaluate your choices and make the best decision, keeping all relevant factors in mind.


Finally, while a CMS does a remarkable job of simplifying content marketing, individuals still play a starring role in the process. You’ll need to have people producing the content, editing, scheduling posting, and stimulating readers through comments and general feedback.

Find reliable writers and editors. Online writing service, Zerys, is an option to think about. Their highly used platform speaks for itself and they have skilled and highly experienced writers.

When it come to distribution, your options include social media, video sites, blogs, guest blogs, and content aggregation channels. Concentrate on channels with the best potential.