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June 8, 2018
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June 13, 2018

Get great customer reviewsCustomer reviews are very important and can increase your conversions more than marketing with a paid ad but can be hard to get. Here are 10 tried and tested tips to get customers to review your business online.

There’s nothing consumers consider buying without asking a friend, reading a review, or searching an app. Since most purchases start on the internet nowadays, customer reviews serve as a substitute for an employee who could develop trust.

The other day I asked a colleague how his purchase of LED light bulbs worked out. He answered, “You don’t think I would’ve tried them without first checking the reviews, do you? All 5-star.”

A ZenDesk research report noted that 88% of customers have been swayed by an online customer review when making a purchasing decision.

Yet many retailers and business owners, when I recommend they call or follow-up with their clients, tell me they fear they’ll hear something bad so they don’t do it.

Even worse, they figure the only customer reviews for their company will be people who intend to share an unpleasant experience.

ZenDesk verified this by noting that 95% share negative experiences. But here’s the thing… they also noticed 87% shared good experiences – that’s very close.

And more significantly, they also noted that more individuals have read favorable customer reviews on Google (69%) of customer service online than negative reviews (63%.).

And I’m not naive enough to believe any reader of this post hasn’t checked out an Amazon review before purchasing something – regardless of cost.

When you spot 50 five-star reviews of a product, you usually trust… and I speculate you buy it.

So now you know product reviews are vital, but how do you obtain them?

Here are 10 simple ways to encourage customer reviews

  1. Do your due diligence – Ensure your firm has a presence on each one of the major search websites that prospects check out to read through reviews – or create reviews – of your business. Start with the major one first, Google. Go here and search for your business‘s name. If you see Is this your business? it means you haven’t claimed it, so address that fast by following their instructions. (Beyond Google, think about obvious websites like Facebook, Yelp, and also Bing and Yahoo.)
  2. How to get client reviews for retail – Make it simple for them. As I left Heathrow airport customs, they had this uncomplicated machine which sought to conveniently let them know customers’ experience. In an email to your subscriber, you can do the same. Just keep it simple.
  3. Get customer reviews by rewardingReward them – Zappos gives out 100 points or about $10 credit to people who write a review. Offer benefits to acquire reviews – particularly at the beginning. Notice I’m not saying to pay for a review. You need reviews to be genuine and from people who actually purchased and used the product from your store. Consider giving points in your customer loyalty program or entries in a quarterly drawing.
  4. Send a follow-up email – Etsy delivers a text or email asking buyers to submit a review. They revealed to the WSJ that 25% of sales lead to a review as a result.
  5. Ask quickly… but not too quickly… after the sale – Those online,post-checkout popups are annoying. Think of leaving the counter of a store with your items and someone lurches in front of you to ask you for a comment. Don’t do something similar on your website but do deliver that email the same day.
  6. Ask for help – In your email , you can add an Assist with a Question segment to get purchasers to respond to your most popular shopper concerns. Highlight these answers on your website’s homepage next to the product.
  7. Survey them – Three to five easy questions are painless. Stars as answers are also easy. An empty text box will seem like work, and you will not get any replies.
  8. Tell reviewers exactly what you are looking for – If you want longer answers rather than stars, give a 2-point review worded exactly like this, “Please review your purchase and:.
    • Tell other clients why you chose to work with us.
    • Did we do what you wanted and would you shop with us again?”.
  9. Make it mobile first – Your text and surveys must be responsive so they adapt to different size screens. Designing mobile first makes all the difference in getting customers to respond.
  10. Make it a habit to thank every reviewer – Keeping an eye on your reviews once a week may seem anal-retentive, but you must know what is being said at all times. Make the project a Sunday morning inquiry of review sites. In a few minutes you’ll easily be up to date and can thank any and everyone who reviews you with one or two personal sentences that talk to what they wrote. A simple thumbs up will never do here.

The more customer reviews a company has, the much more credible the reviews for the company will be. That in turn gives consumers who initially find your company online trust you’ll have exactly what they require.

The most important point you need to remember to get more customer reviews is to ask quickly. The more reviews clients make for your organization, the more commitment they will have for you.

That plays big when you’re aiming to compete with businesses that utilize customer scores and customer reviews extensively.