A Strong Meta Description Tag Attracts Google

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April 27, 2018
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May 4, 2018

Your local business site may be phenomenal, but the wrong meta description tag may hurt your rank in search engine results.

Image of meta description tagDeveloping a website for your local business is imperative to building your online persona. Without a site, online visitors would have nowhere to visit to find out more about your firm and what kinds of products or services you provide.

An effective internet site with rich content, a straightforward design, information to consult with you, and plenty of fascinating pictures will help you appeal to potential customers. But do not forget to take care of the behind-the-scenes stuff. The right technical construction is essential for search-engine optimization (SEO), so search engines like Google see your website with the same trust and expertise as your human clients.

What’s the secret to getting Google’s interest? A meta description tag.

A meta description tag is a brief snippet that summarize a site’s content. When you search for a company on Google, you normally see a long list of results. On top of each result is the business name in blue text; below it you will see the website address or link. Then under that is a short summary of what this organization is all about– that’s your meta description tag! This brief description is intended to entice searchers with a small snippet of who you are and what you offer as a business.

Try this Meta Tag Tester to find out how good your tags are – https://seositecheckup.com/tools/meta-tags-analyzer

Even though this brief description seems simple, you want to make it matter. Fortunately, there are several ways to make sure your site’s meta description tag is optimized to receive the very best results.

  • Make your meta description tag uniqueYou are allowed as many as 320 characters for your description, and it is advised that you don’t go under 160 characters. While the length of the description is significant, you should also make certain it features the keywords your prospects would use to surf for a business like yours.
  • Your description should be original. Don’t reuse a snippet of text that’s found elsewhere on your website. This content should explain your business for online visitors and attract them to click your URL.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate a call-to-action. Use an active sales voice to pitch your products or services and illustrate why prospects should visit your small business website.

Your company will benefit if your meta description tag brings in clicks from search results– winning web traffic from customers and the consideration of search engines. With a fantastic meta description tag, Google could rank your site higher as a trusted search result.