Negative Reviews Are Good For You

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November 16, 2015
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November 30, 2015

Certain forms of negative reviews are just what small-business owners require. (Hear us out before going crazy on us.) Negative reviews are a way of getting perspective or seeing things from the customer’s viewpoint. They can help you get helpful knowledge that may have been your blind spot about your services or product. In those instances– consider, acknowledge what you’ve found out, thank the customer for the review, and make things right if the situation warrants.

Negative reviews can be goodHaving said that, every from time to time trolls creep out from the dark crevices of the Internet and post full-blown assaults as opposed to genuine criticism. And regrettably, local business are more affected by these types of evaluations than large companies.

But even when you’re addressing a baseless assault, there is a protocol to help you through.

Johnny Crosskey, content marketing manager at Absolute mobile Solutions said,”First determine if the comment is a legitimate issue or the work of a disgruntled troll. Both need to be addressed but require slightly different strategies.”

He advised small-business owners take the following steps:

  1. Answer swiftly and set the condition for the dialogue by being truthful and well-mannered.
  2. Let the customer know you hear their concerns and explain how you’re working to take care of the concern.
  3. Apologize – even if it stings. The majority of people just wish to hear an apology.
  4. If their sole goal is to be negative and they’re not searching for a remedy, let them know that you’re attempting to make sense of their disappointment and you appreciate them as a customer.
  5. Take the conversation offline. If it’s a client really searching for help, this will demonstrate true concern, which can repair the relationship. For the troll, this may pacify them, as they are probably only looking to vent.
  6. Remove any negative reviews if they are racist, sexist, demeaning or x-rated.