What can Reputation Management do for you?

Customer reviews can make or damage your internet reputation. Unfortunately, many of customers that are inspired to leave reviews are often negative. With our Reputation Management Software, you can get even more favorable customer reviews on ANY site you choose, and privately take care of any kind of undesirable reviews!

Get More Customer Reviews

With one code snippet you can gather reviews anywhere: On your e-mail footer, your thank you page, or even send it to your email list. If they rank you with 4 or 5 stars, they instead are triggered to leave an evaluation on any website you choose! If the client rates you with 1-3 stars and gives you a negative review, they are prompted to send you a message privately – giving you the chance to manage their concern.

Prevent Negative Reviews

Many negative reviews are triggered by a basic misunderstanding that could be prevented. By pre-qualifying customers with our 5-star ranking system, customers that would have left negative reviews are brought to a form where you can handle the problem privately. This give you an opportunity to resolve the problem before they leave a public review.

Get Reviews on the Sites That Matter

With our reputation review platform, you can custom select which site(s) you want to post your positive reviews on. You can choose from over 50 review sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more!

Automatically Post to Social Media

Auto-Post your favorable reviews to social media sites to maintain your stream full of positive sentiments. Simply attach your social accounts, set the schedule, and the software does it all for you!


Get 5-Star reviews from your customers. Let us show you how this will benefit your business, today. Send us a message or call us now!