Small is the New Big

The traditional, big-box agencies of San Antonio cannot provide the same value that our small agency offers: attention from our entire organization, the ability to move rapidly, and regular accessibility. We offer the best client service among boutique digital agencies.

Since launching his first website in 1997, founder Brian Gibbs learned the importance of building customer loyalty. Following these principles, Brian and his team strive to build a long-term brand and create immediate ROI for our clients. Every engagement gets an individual solution to best serve the client.

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Why Focused Idea

We're results-focused. Our agency is laser-focused on establishing a high ROI for every single one of our clients. Your business enjoys rapid, personalized focus every day with everyone from Brian, our CEO, to your individual account executives. We deliver a strategic point of view that is frequently ignored by many agencies.

We are a proactive team, providing quick, directed, and strategic solutions that solve your immediate issues and build lasting results. At Focused Idea, you will find a degree of service that blows the competition away. Responsive and strategic: our sweet spot.

Our company culture encourages creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and creative remedies to tough issues. These values appear when Brian calls a client to review their strategic marketing plan, or when our entire team meets to discuss the current marketing trends.

We're unlike the others because we actually pay attention to your needs. We listen to our clients AND their customers. Essentially, we'll be doing your online marketing for you and will exemplify your brand and your name in all we do. We are aware of what your business means to you and so consider us as a part of your team working hard to make your business prosperous.


We endorse the business idea that you can not improve what you can not track. The root of our service depends on effective and extensive analytics and reporting. We are a data-driven service in an information-saturated world, and this is why we excel at what we do.

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