You May Be Sued Because of Your Website! And, you may not know until it's too late.

Something is going on right now, and it's only a matter of time before it affects you or your business!

Website owners are the target of lawsuits for laws they aren't even aware of.

The "ADA" act mandates that companies include accessibility features in ALL of their web content for people with disabilities.

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LA Times ADA Website Compliance lawsuit
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We make your website 'ADA compliant' to save you thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits!

PLUS Gives Your Business A ‘Foot In The Door’ Into The $650B/Year 'Untapped Disability Market'

No business or profession is immune!
That includes...

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Website Owners

ADA compliance means that web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers, or other assistive technologies.

Many have paid the literal and figurative price for not having an ADA-Compliant website. You may be next!

Beyonce's Website Accessibility Lawsuit
  • A historic US Supreme Court case last December led to a spike in domain owners being sued for non-compliance with ADA regulations.
  • Legal cases about non-accessibility compliance amounted to 1,700 in New York alone in 2020.
  • Tens of thousands websites were sued in 2020 for not being ADA-compliant. About 100,000 websites were sued in 2021.
  • Unlike GDPR, the ADA law doesn't require notification before a lawsuit is filed against a business for non-compliance.
Website ADA Compliance

Note: The law provides no a period of time for a business to act before a lawsuit is filed, and it does not ensure a company's wellbeing after a lawsuit has been filed.

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Guess What – ADA is Great For SEO Too!

Simply increasing accessibility on your website qualifies it as ADA compliant.

Websites that are accessible are favored by Google more than those that aren't.

By not designing a website accessible to all individuals, keep in mind, you could be losing out on a massive swath of prospective customers, which could, in turn, put quite a dent in your profit margins.

This is just another reason to get your website to meet ADA standards now!

Google SEO likes ADA compliance

So how do you make your website ADA compliant?

The truth is, it's not easy.

You'll have to trudge through countless assets and attempt to accumulate everything you need in order to achieve a compliant site. Even if you take care of all your current site pages, what about all of the other web pages, files, videos, audio files, and more that are sitting on a server somewhere in the dark recesses that you haven't even thought of.

It can take you weeks or even months to go through each and every one of these assets to make sure they are ADA compliant.

ADA compliant content

Don't worry, we have you covered!

Why not relax while we work to quickly bring your website and ALL of your digital assets up to ADA standards?

  • We've assisted companies and website owners like you for years and insulated countless others from impending legal action!
  • We are a strong team with the required expertise to get the job done.
  • We have the experience too!

Get a complimentary website critique and ADA compliance review for your website today.

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