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Small businesses need digital marketing to survive COVID-19.

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19

Everyone is dependent on services and goods from local companies. Now, more than ever, small businesses need digital marketing to survive COVID-19.

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7 reasons why your business needs a blog

7 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs a Business Blog

A website alone does not always provide sufficient information, personality, or authority about your business to stand out from the crowd. This is where your business blog can shine. If you need some inspiration, here are seven compelling reasons why your company needs a business blog.

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Link Building: What Works and What Doesn't

Link Building: What Works and What Doesn’t to Rank Your Website

Backlinks to your website can bring website traffic, develop credibility, and help your brand rank higher on the search engines. That’s why it is essential to make link building a part of your SEO strategy. Below are our four link…

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Five Ways To Adjust Your Law Firm Content Marketing During COVID-19

Five Ways To Adjust Your Law Firm Content Marketing During COVID-19

During the outbreak of COVID-19, many law firms have felt the pressure to either completely close their physical offices or move their services online. Many have even been forced to reduce their staff. That means adjusting their law firm content…

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5 Reasons Your Website Needs to Be ADA Compliant

5 Reasons Your Website Needs to Be ADA Compliant Now

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was initiated in 1990. It is intended to assure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as anybody else. This suggests that any type of business that serves the public has to make…

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why video marketing should be part of your online marketing strategy

Video Marketing Should be Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Video has been dominating the web over the last few years. This domination is why advertising and marketing teams are making it a priority when formulating new strategies. Many benefits emerge from using video, especially when they connect with potential…

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COVID-19 Reality Check

Businesses Must Shift to Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19

In the coming months, businesses will need to count more on digital marketing to make it through the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s why. Over the past couple of months, several events have been canceled because of the present pandemic. Some…

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SEO Basics for local businesses to get found in search results

SEO Basics for Local Businesses to Get Found in Search Results

Countless small businesses do not understand the importance of SEO basics as a critical digital marketing strategy. Knowing SEO basics is a critical strategy for businesses to bring valuable traffic to their site. When the best people visit a website,…

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How to design your perfect customer avatar

How to Design Your Customer Avatar or Buyer Persona

It is critically significant to the success of your marketing, sales, product development, and service delivery that you have a broad knowledge of who your customer avatar is.

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