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How Often You Should do a Website Audit to Stay on Top

A website audit affirms that your digital strategy is on track and that your digital assets perform to their full...
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What is New Media with Greg Rollett

Definition: New media marketing focuses on supporting brands and selling goods and services through existing and emerging online platforms, harnessing...
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What is a Landing Page and How do You Use Them?

So you want to know what a landing page is? In this post, we'll answer that question and reveal a...
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How to Establish Expert Positioning in Your Industry

In this post, we're going to talk about how to use expert positioning yourself as an expert. If you want...
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How to Attract Your Ideal Customers and Find Clients Online

Suppose you have a great idea or maybe even a product to sell, but you don't have any customers. In...
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7 Ways To Expand Your Local Business Using Digital Marketing

It's essential for local businesses to use digital marketing to draw more local clients. Many local business owners mistakingly think...
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What social media platforms should businesses use?

Social media gives businesses a way to connect with their target audiences whenever they're online. Social media platforms don't just...
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How to Create Your Customer Avatar | Who is Your Perfect Customer

How do you know who to design your marketing towards? Who is your perfect customer? Marilee Maricich explains the steps...
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How to Come Up With Ideas for Blog Posts

Every minute there are millions of pieces of content uploaded to the Internet. This can make it so difficult for...
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Is Website ADA Compliance Really a Problem?

What is Website ADA Compliance? Here's something 99.99% of businesses probably don't think about until they're hit with a lawsuit:...
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Why Voice Search Is the Future for SEO and How to Optimize

What is Voice Search? Reaching the top search results position for dozens of keywords is the ultimate aim for many...
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How to build a high converting landing page

Looking at a landing page, it's easy to tell when one is not going to covert. It's also easy to...
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