What is New Media with Greg Rollett

Definition: New media marketing focuses on supporting brands and selling goods and services through existing and emerging online platforms, harnessing new media elements to reach future and current consumers. New media marketing includes several different mediums, including display advertising, content marketing, and social media. The goal of all new media marketing is to get buyers to engage with the brand, interacting with them to increase recognition and equates to sales.

How is new media marketing changing business?

Today, shoppers are empowered with an incredible volume of knowledge, letting them fully research their purchases before talking with a business. In fact, most people choose to buy before speaking to a sales specialist. This paradigm shift between consumers and sellers has pushed businesses to modify their marketing strategies.

A 3-Minute New Media Conversation with Greg Rollett

Brian Gibbs:
So, hey, so let’s just jump into it and talk a little bit about what this whole new media is, what you mean by that, video, audio? What, what exactly do you mean by that?

Greg Rollett:
I mean that all of us today, if we sell products, services and I don’t care what it is, if you’re selling financial advice, if you’re selling real estate, if you’re selling coaching services, if you’re a dentist, like no matter what it is that you’re selling, the way that we sell today is through content. Think about how almost all discovery happens is a piece of content pops into the world. Someone trips, fumbles, and discovers it, and then they learn more about your program, product, or service.

New media is a new way of distributionThe thing that’s changed over the last decade-plus is that no longer – I was joking earlier about the music stuff – is like, if I wanted to get my song out to the world, I had to meet a radio programming person. He had to sell his, his director on it, and he had to sell the local deejay on it. And then they had to, you know, like there was a chain of command in order to get your song on the radio. Now, all of that has been obviously disrupted. This is nothing new. Is that if I feel like shooting a video today, I pull out one of these guys and I hit record and I hit publish and it’s on YouTube. It’s on Facebook is on Instagram. It’s on LinkedIn. It’s on Twitter. It’s on Twitch. It’s on Snapchat. It’s on TikTok. It’s wherever you want it to go. There’s no middleman anymore. And that gives a lot of power to people like me and people like you and people like who’s watching this right now, is that we have control over what gets said about us, about when it gets said, about how it gets said. And it’s really allowed us to take control of our business and not have that middleman there. And what’s really interesting about that is that the businesses who have taken advantage of that have really succeeded and the ones who are still you know, it’s really funny… I’ve been talking about this for ten years, right? This isn’t the first conversation I’ve had on this. But, yet there are business owners who are watching this right now who have never filmed the video about their business and put it online, who have never written an Instagram post, taking a picture of their product or their service or whatever it is, and put it online. There are people who have never written an email to their customers or really… It boggles my mind. Which also means that there is still a huge opportunity to do this. Even with all the content out there, there’s still room for you. I mean, I have conversations with financial advisors nearly every day and I’ll reference them a bunch, and real estate agents and coaches, consultants. But, you know, financial advisors, like if I talk to a financial adviser in like, Lincoln, Nebraska, and I’m like, hey, “if you put out a video once a week, every single week for the next fifty-two weeks, you will be the only financial advisor that’s doing that. And then if you advertise those videos and let’s spend two dollars a day, five dollars a day getting those videos out in front of your marketplace, every single person in your hometown will know who you are within a year. And there are no other financial advisors in Lincoln, Nebraska, doing that. So you have a blue ocean opportunity.” And it’s just amazing to me what opp… Again, it’s the opportunity that’s still out there, here today. So that’s the, that’s the kind of the Cliff Notes spiel on, on new media. But it’s really new distribution as opposed to new media.

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