Video Marketing Should be Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Video has been dominating the web over the last few years. This domination is why advertising and marketing teams are making it a priority when formulating new strategies. Many benefits emerge from using video, especially when they connect with potential customers. Video has become such a staple in online marketing campaigns that one in four people lose interest in businesses that don’t use video. Even if your company hasn’t taken advantage of this moment, it’s not too late to understand how using video marketing can benefit your company.

The Advantages of Video Marketing

Increased Exposure

Considering video accounts for about 80% of online traffic, your firm needs to have a robust online presence. If your business is thinking about starting to do business online or continuing to improve it, video content is beneficial for getting attention. Research has discovered that Facebook videos are shared 1,200% more often than text posts and links. Your company can get direct exposure to a broader market by incorporating video. The effect of video marketing on direct exposure has such a notable influence that 52% of marketers are convinced that it improves brand recognition. Video content is a critical strategic move in reaching out to prospective consumers that might not yet be aware of your brand.

Increase Trust

video marketing builds trustCultivating better exposure is only the initial step in realizing the benefits of video marketing. Growing your online presence using video marketing is a sure way to develop trust with your followers. Using video is an effective conversation starter because it can urge them to ask questions about your products or services. This helps your business to develop a personal link with your audience. Research has shown that customers are 10 times more likely to interact with videos than any other type of social post. This type of communication can strengthen customer loyalty since your company show transparency and genuine interest in your audience.

Increase Your Sales

Marketing with video is the perfect tool to show products to potential customers. It has been discovered that 64% of people are more likely to purchase a product online after watching an explainer video. Explainer videos not only allow potential buyers to fully understand products and services but it also cultivates a feeling of comfort that prompts them to buy. Another way companies can increase sales is by embedding videos on their site’s landing pages. Placing a video on a landing page used in a marketing campaign can enhance conversions by 80%. Videos can inspire site visitors to stay on web pages longer, prompting them to take in even more details and engage with the content.

Investing in a video marketing plan will substantially magnify your business’s overall success. Increasing exposure, trust, and sales are excellent examples of exactly how video marketing can benefit your business. Clearly, now is the time to incorporate video into your company’s marketing plan. If you’re seeking specialized support, a video marketing team will certainly help guide you in the ideal direction.

Video Marketing Statistics

Video marketing is the future. While the effectiveness of video marketing, do people want it? Check out these statistics and form your own conclusions.

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