Online Store SEO: 10X Increase In Traffic!

Below is a comprehensive case study about one of our clients in the eCommerce space that got terrific results in just a few months working with us.

This customer was on our F.I. X managed SEO program.

Let’s dive into this case study!


This site was getting virtually no web traffic, although the domain was registered in late 2013. The owner invested a lot of time on this website and created a significant number of pages. Nevertheless, it was barely getting any traffic.

SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization Audit

The very first thing we do is audit the site to see if it has any significant underlying issues.

This website had no penalties; it just never ranked on page 1 for the target keywords. There was also no over-optimization; they just really didn’t have very many links.

Key phrase Research

For keyword research, we like to see what kinds of hidden possibilities a website could have that we can concentrate on for quick traffic gains.

Below is a graph of the variety of key phrases they rank for in the leading 100 positions. You can see that there is a lot of potential!

Keyword research

Easy Wins Analysis

With our very easy success analysis, we try to find keywords that are ranking someplace in Google, however not in the top spots where most of the web traffic is. If we can determine these, we can push them up and also see quicker website traffic gains.

For this site, we found1001 keywords that were easy wins, ranking mostly on page 2-3 with the website traffic in between 10 – 9,400 ms, with CPC between about $0.50 to $6.

This website had HUGE potential, yet because the website wasn’t getting to page 1, it wasn’t getting much attention.

Content Gap Analysis

With the web gap analysis, we seek competitor key phrases that the site isn’t yet targeting. This becomes the foundation for our content creation.

For this site, we found 103 keywords with volume in between 150 – 2900 ms, with comparable PPC costs to the easy wins.

We worked with the client to choose high priorities and picked some keywords based on their expertise in their industry trends. (This is why we collaborate with the clients to comprehend their business objectives).

Search Engine Optimization Strategy & Execution

This is what the campaign looked like:

Month 1:

  • 1 Guest Post: Exact match on easy wins
  • 1 Guest Post: Exact match (another keyword) on another easy win
  • Foundations Medium: partial match, brand name, “naked anchors”
  • Blogger 1 x 1000 word message: informational keyword focus based on industry trends

Month 2 – Very Similar:

  • 1 Guest Post: money search phrase variation
  • 1 Guest Post: money search phrase variation
  • Foundations Medium: partial match, branded, “naked anchors”
  • Blogger 1 x 1000 word article: money keyword

Month 3 – Similar, But obtained more support text variety:

  • 1 Guest Post: Branded
  • 1 Guest Post: Branded
  • Foundations Medium: Branded, URL, Partial match mix
  • Blogger 1 x 1000: Content gap keyword, high volume

Search Engine Optimization Results

Given that this site already had a reasonable amount of content, and also had many opportunities for easy wins, we focused on getting those easy wins onto page 1.

When we were able to do this – The traffic blew up!SEO Results


This was just three months of work, and this website has a ton of potential.

In the following three months, we’ll start linking some high volume keywords that we used for content development. This site is set to command in their niche!

If you’re looking for some help with your website (even if you’ve had a penalty or dropped in website traffic), you might consider our F.I. X Managed SEO program.