5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19

Small businesses need digital marketing to survive COVID-19.News reports have shown us that there will be a ‘before COVID-19’ and an ‘after COVID-19’ time for businesses. We’re all seeing what this means for small business owners. There’s no question that the profits will be low for some time. The situation has to stop any local business owners from reading this now. The situation will no doubt discourage some local business owners who are reading this now. Now, more than ever, small businesses need digital marketing to survive COVID-19.

Business owners are asking, “What’s going to happen next? Will my company survive this?”

No, your company isn’t closing. What we’re all facing is a temporary condition. It’s not going to continue for life, it means that you just need to survive it.

Take China, for example. They’re actually up and running after the pandemic struck them.

It is fair to say that even as it got worse before it got better for them, it will get better for you too.

If you ask: “How?”

The solution is: “Digital marketing.”

And if your next concern is: “Why?”

That answer will be a little much longer.

So bear with me a moment for a little bit of trivia and great reasons that small businesses need digital marketing in this unique period.

Why Surviving The COVID-19 Pandemic, Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing.

1. People Are Searching For You Online.

As a marketing professional myself, I’m continually studying Google Trends. Google will no longer be just Google. In reality, it has become the standard that everyone wants to please. There are many questions regarding or relating to COVID-19. Nevertheless, people are not only searching for information about COVID-19. They are looking for sources of entertainment, essential services, and even online grocery stores.

Of all the times, right now is not the time to hide online. Now, it’s time to make it simpler for people to find you online.

Numerous companies have taken advantage of the guidelines on trending searches that pop up on Google. They even take into account how customers search for you online, even as a local shop.

For starters, we have a client who is in the business of moving and packing. We changed their SEO strategy as soon as words like “contactless,” “clean,” and “hygiene” became the new standard. We rewrote the keywords and changed the website content to match the current times.

Use this time to get some traffic. This could mean commenting on items not specifically related to your company. But the time to help is now. People will only praise you for playing a part in society. You may be losing sales, but customers will always place orders and need things at home. Do not stop your campaigns just by adjusting them to the current times.

2. Social media Or More Specifically, Instagram Is The Right Place To Be.

Have you noticed how Instagram stories have increased significantly lately? Instagram is no longer a break from your job. It has become a legitimate source of entertainment, similar to Netflix. Social media influencers are more active than ever. It could be because people don’t want to feel isolated.

COVID-19 has forced millions of people to stay inside. Whether the virus has directly affected us or not, we all are adjusting to changes and attempting to live this new normal. As trivial as our current difficulties may appear, many people are anxious. Guess what? Right now is about being empathetic.

You want to begin connecting with your current clients on social media. Reveal to them who you are and what your brand is all about. Don’t be pushy about buying your product instead of focusing on creating a small and loyal community. It will only improve from there.

Understanding that small businesses need digital marketing, Instagram has begun a whole initiative to help small businesses in these tough COVID-19 times.

They even launched a “Join Small Business” sticker, which helps companies attract new customers. Not only that, but it also helps companies stay connected to the clients they serve. So, they can repost it when they are mentioned in the sticker. It is like showing off the testimonials of your customers, with even more audience.

3. Local Businesses Are In Hight Demand And So Should Increase their Local SEO.

As described earlier, people are now searching for local businesses online and this is why small businesses need digital marketing. They want to get products delivered directly to their door. For the most part, people are not allowed to go outside. If you’re online, however, they will find you there without having to leave their homes. Everyone is now dependent on services and goods from local companies.

This time, you can serve the people around you. And if you do that the right way, you’ll get good reviews as well. Small businesses need digital marketing to help with improving their SEO to meet the current search requests.

4. Having a Digital Presence Doesn’t Cost Much.

Traditional marketing is not the best option for now. People can’t have a look at the see what the ads are for, right now. Although small businesses need digital marketing, some owners might think that traditional marketing is the most economical option. But it can become expensive over the long term. You must spend continually, and it fades with time.

Traditional marketing doesn’t allow you to track all the people who have seen your ad. But a Twitter, Instagram, or Google ad does. Traditional marketing can be a component of your marketing plan, but it shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy.

Small businesses need digital marketing and luckily it is relatively affordable. And in these times, it is most likely one of the most affordable ways to reach your potential customers and clients.

5. The Bonus Reason To Consider Digital Marketing.

At Focused Idea, we get a lot of questions about digital marketing. Some clients give up on the idea before they reap the fruits of their digital marketing labor.

I love it when people ask questions about digital marketing. Don’t misunderstand me, I love it when we get business. Let me clarify why I love it when we get someone who challenges us with questions about digital marketing.

I love giving examples. The best way to understand how an online presence gives your brand a voice is to check out established brands. Say you own a restaurant, and you’re not getting any online order, or from your drive-thru, you might be doing things incorrectly.

Small businesses need digital marketing similar to KFC on Instagram

Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/kfc/

KFC recently took to Instagram and posted an infographic that promotes their free contactless drive-thru delivery services. They also discussed how they have “industry-leading policies on sanitation and hand-washing.”

Now, you could say that KFC is already a well-known brand. But they also began from ground zero. All the businesses have realized at one point in time that their online presence is significant. It’s got to be aware.

What about the movers and packers I mentioned before? They, too, have adjusted to the current situation. And with the current U.S. rental situation, they are preferred over their rivals because, according to the current conditions, they have effectively marketed their strengths online.

As long as a company, small or large, turns to digital marketing strategies, there’s no reason they won’t get business and long-term value to their brand. The planet will quickly return to normal, and only the brave entrepreneurs will survive.