The Importance of Live Streaming Video For Your Business

On nearly all social media platforms, all you need to do is click a button and start broadcasting a live video. Besides that, there are also several other platforms explicitly built for live streaming. So, then why is live streaming video so significant? Live video streaming is among the most potent methods to communicate and interact with your audience. Yusuf Chowdhury and Brian Gibbs talk about five reasons why live streaming video is so essential for your personal brand and your business.

live streaming video conversationReason #1: “Live TV” Has Been Reinvented

The future of TV is live video streaming. The reason live TV made such a significant impact was that it introduced up-to-date, insightful, and accessible content for viewers. Although it’s still popular, TV subscriptions have been in decline since online streaming. 

Its decline can be attributed to streaming growth, and specifically to a change in the behavior of viewers. The online video industry has shown audiences that they can be in charge of viewing whenever they want to. 

The content and convenience are limited on TV; unlimited content is available online streaming free of charge and on mobile devices. Although audiences do have time restrictions on live streaming, it’s handier than on television. People can watch the live video on their phones. They can even view the live video recording later most of the time.

Reason #2: Live Video Streaming goes Beyond Live TV

For brands and people, one of the critical reasons that live streaming is so relevant is because of the level of communication and engagement it provides. No other marketing tool or approach allows this level of communication. Live streaming also has the highest interaction rate across all forms of content. 

For example, viewers can post their comments on a live stream on Facebook, and it will show up live, automatically. Other viewers have a chance to communicate with that person and to connect with the presenter as well. This immediate gratification establishes a profound bond between fans and presenters. 

The engagement in real-time brings your audience closer to you and opens up an excellent channel for communication. To get to know them better, you can ask them questions, and they can do the same. What’s more, live streaming generates a sense of community as they connect with each other, and they are going to associate you with it. 

Reason #3: There is a Human Aspect of Live Video Streaming

The genuine interaction allowed by live streaming builds a relationship with viewers. On-demand videos just can’t produce the same impression, since audiences have less opportunity to connect with the presenters. 

Being that a live stream is genuinely live, carries a human component with it. Anything can go awry at any time. If presenters mess up, stumble over their words or laugh about something, viewers witness the authenticity and identify with them. But on a live TV broadcast news anchors usually look stiff and emotionless. Why do you suppose people enjoy seeing them make blunders on live TV? It humanizes them and makes them relatable.

For any content creator, it is incredibly valuable to be relatable. Although it might be more difficult for brands to reveal their human side without being “human.” A brand’s identity needs to align with its consumers. 

Whenever you think “why should I do live video streaming?” try thinking, “why NOT do live streaming?”

Reason #4: Expand your individual and brand reach

One reason live streaming will help you connect more users is that platforms prefer live content. For instance, if you go live on Facebook, your followers have a better chance of seeing it on their newsfeed than if you post a photo or a regular video. YouTube, like on many other sites, also gives preference to live streaming on its searches. 

You can generate more leads for your company, or get more followers for your personal brand, with increased visibility. It is simpler to get people to find and share live videos on social media. Since it needs an immediate response, they will need to post your content right away, so that their friends can see it as well. 

Another reason why live video streaming is ideal is its cost-effectiveness to increase your audience. There are many practical ways to reach people in the marketing world, but most need significant investments. Live streaming can be produced on a shoestring budget, by contrast, and still produce fantastic results. 

Reason #5: Video Streaming is One of the Most Rapidly Industry

Live streaming video is important for your business

Online streaming is one of the industries with the fastest growth. Additionally, the streaming video industry is worth more than $30 billion. By 2021 it is predicted to be worth more than $70bn. 

More notably, live video streaming is outgrowing on-demand video content. Live streaming grew by 113% year-over-year, while long videos on demand grew by 30 percent, and short formats grew by just 9%.

Added evidence of the growth of live streaming videos is the developments occurring in all the social media platforms. Aside from the platforms designed for live streaming, most social media channels now promote live video streaming. For example, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram, and Twitter’s Periscope. Live videos are here to stay, and they are taking over the way content is presented.

What’s even more exciting about live streaming videos is the audience. Since live content is out there, people of all ages watch and create live streams on most of the platforms. 

Key Takeaway

Live streaming is among the most rapidly developing industries out there, and, with reasonably low investment, it lets you reach a much wider audience. When you communicate on a personal level with your viewers, you develop an intimate bond with them. You will not be able to build a relationship of this kind with your viewers through any other content. That is why it is live video streaming is so important.