Semester at Sea: 165 new leads per month

There is an extraordinary opportunity for advertising and marketing using video. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are performing effectively for online marketers without any sign of it stopping anytime soon.

The secret to success is developing a compelling video and putting the ideal campaign in place. As an example, our customer, Semester at Sea is killing it on Facebook and Instagram.

Initially, they came to us trying to help to get new leads. After putting together a terrific video, they attempted to manage their AdWords on their own. Nonetheless, they only had a couple of leads show for their hard work.

Additionally, they weren’t able to get accurate data since they didn’t have precise lead conversion tracking or call tracking set up.

Semester at Sea PPC clientWe helped them by getting accurate tracking in place so they might discover EXACTLY what was working and where they could improve. After that, we developed a campaign that targeted and remarketed to 18 to 22-year-old U.S. college students on Instagram who had interests in studying abroad and related categories.

We used video advertisements that these students could watch on their smartphones.

What were the results?

We were able to produce an endless stream of over 165 brand-new leads monthly for their call center. The campaign has been so effective, that at one point, the client asked us to put the campaign on pause so their inside-sales division could catch up with the high volume of leads!

Ever since, we have expanded the campaign to target one more difficult to reach audience– 55-year-old+ lifelong learners on Facebook with a somewhat modified video ad. This campaign is currently producing over 50 leads monthly.