eCommerce SEO: From 100 to 2500 Visitors per Month

In this case study, you will learn exactly how we boosted an e-commerce site’s traffic by 2400%.

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This is an e-commerce site that sells products that cost between $50 and $300 dollars. Initially, the site was getting no organic traffic, as well as was mainly relying on paid website traffic.

They began SEO by buying a few ala-carte SEO services but hadn’t actually committed up until they joined our F.I. X Managed SEO program.

There was a lot of growth opportunity!


Search Engine Optimization Report

We always perform an SEO audit, first. We’re looking for anything that could hold them from ranking.

The good thing is that this site really did not have anything holding them back; they really didn’t have much content or links.


Keywords Research ā€“ The “Easy Wins” Analysis

To start our keyword research, we constantly look to discover keywords that they are beginning to rank for, but aren’t yet at the top of the search engine.

These are great targets because we can normally improve them to see quicker traffic wins.

We found 76 prospective targets, mainly at the bottom of page one, through to page 3, all with CPC between $0.60 and $2.50.

These URLs were a combination of product pages, category pages, and blog content.

We collaborated with the client to pick a few high top priority targets for fast boosts!


Key Words Research ā€“ Competitive Gap Analysis

The competitive gap analysis is created to help you discover keywords that your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t.

This is a crucial step since it always helps generate brand-new keywords that you can effortlessly target with content.

E-commerce is a bit different than other websites with web content gap analysis. When you run it, you frequently get a lot of product names that you might not sell.

We worked closely with the client on these and choose targets together to ensure we’re targeting keyword phrases connected to products that they sell.

We located some excellent keywords that we could use to compose lengthy articles!


Going Forward

Now we have these outstanding, long-form blog content ranking (AND they are valuable pieces of content, rather than only product pages). We’ll be able to do some precision link building and get these pushed up farther.

What’s fantastic is that now we have LOTs of material to work with, and it’s starting to pay off! By following this method, we see Google beginning to open the floodgates — This is showing the great potential that we can target coming up.



Ecommerce needs content, and by creating long-form posts, you can begin ranking for your valuable keywords. These pages are simpler to rank, and you can do an internal link to your product web pages. After you have quality content, it makes getting useful links 1000X much easier!