Finance Case Study: From 0 To 25,000 Keywords Ranked!

The financial niche is extremely competitive, and one of the most profitable areas on the Internet.

This website came to us with a reasonably clean slate — starting with very little traffic.

In this case study, you will understand how we increased their overall number of ranking keywords substantially AND raised their estimated traffic worth to over $350,000 … each month!



The owner wanted to take on the most prominent names in the space.

This site started in July 2017 as well as accumulated website traffic to roughly 13,000 visitors per month before joining our F.I. X program in October 2017.

We collaborated with the client to develop an aggressive strategy, starting with a $3,000/month budget progressively increasing to $40,000 a month as their results grew.

The SEO Audit

This website had no previous penalties since it was reasonably new.

We saw that the site had some aggressive anchor text comprising 7% of the profile. Yet, we knew we had the necessary budget to diversify.

“Easy Wins” Keyword Analysis

We discovered 230 “Easy Wins” keywords ranking in positions 4-30 with the volume between 20-11,000 MS.

Since these keyword phrases were currently ranking near the top, we knew we could concentrate on them for some quick traffic leaps!

All of the search phrases had CPC, implying that somebody was bidding on them in Google Ads, and ranking for them would be valuable. As a matter of fact, several of the lower volume keywords were extremely rewarding with CPC up to $20 per click!

We took this all into account when choosing keyword phrase & page targets, as many of the web pages ranked for multiple keyword phrases.

Furthermore, by sharing this information with the client, they had the opportunity to optimize their web pages with LSI search phrases to help increase the rankings.

Competitive Gap Analysis

This analysis is designed to help us find search phrases that your competitors are currently ranking for that you are not. These key phrases are great for inspiring new content!

Initially, we identified over 1000+ keywords that competitors were targeting that this website was not.

We discovered three types of web content to target and also used each for different strategies throughout this campaign.

Category Pages

These are broad, high volume keyword phrases that speak in general about a topic.

Product Review Pages

With the content gap analysis, we discovered valuable brand and product terms to evaluate. We used this to construct a considerable amount of content that would generate income.

Sustaining web content

Later on in the campaign, after we finished a wide range of base content, we began creating supporting web content for high competition key phrases.

For instance, we would support a wider classification of keywords with contextually relevant short articles that all connected to the high competition key phrases post, constructing a foundation for the rankings. These were typically specific niche, avatar-specific, or situational variations of center web pages.

Beginning The SEO Campaign

With almost all projects, we develop a diversity of high-quality web links and content — The lifeblood of SEO.

Depending on exactly how the project advances, we shift budgets into higher-quality/more useful links or even more content.

We relied heavily on natural white-hat blogger outreach in addition to a great deal of blog content to increase this website’s traffic!

Here are a few examples of monthly invests in exactly how the campaign progressed:

  • This campaign began with a range of items, including various links, Guest Posts, and also web content.
  • As the project advanced, we added more content and shifted to higher quality links.
  • After that, as we saw the success of content ranking. There was also a huge breadth of targeted keywords to rank for; we moved more of the budget into content while continuing to build high-quality links.


The results of this campaign were fantastic thanks to the well-defined strategy, execution, and meaningful interaction with the client.

In less than a year, this site ended up being a significant contender in the space ranking for some of one of the most competitive keywords.

The website’s current traffic is estimated at $351,000 each month.

SEO finance results

It now ranks for over 25,000 keywords, and the traffic chart expanded aggressively over the last year.

SEO finance keywords


This was an outstanding campaign for us, not just because of the work that was done, but how close we got to collaborate with the client.

The client put their trust in us to follow with the process and worked closely with our team to determine high targets to focus on as the campaign advanced.

On top of that, due to the more substantial spend amount, our team was able to prepare a further analysis of competitors, which gave the client insights that served beyond just the search portion of this project and also influenced business decisions.