3 Ways to Get Google to Love Your Local Business

There is only one way to get Google to love your local business and that is to give Google what it wants. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

So what does Google want from your local business content?

  1. Relevant Keywords: Google wants you to use keywords that match what people are typing into its homepage all day long. Think of Google as a broker that connects your customers’ questions to your web content and think of keywords as the medium of currency. If your customers are using “apple” currency and you’re using “mango” currency, Google can’t help you because it matches apples with apples and mangoes with mangoes. So your job is to find out what currency your potential customers are using and use the same currency in your web content. That way Google will hook up the both of you instantly.
  1. High-Quality Content: Google wants you to use high-quality content. It has an image and reputation to maintain and doesn’t want to be seen as a broker who connects users to rubbish. If your content is somewhat useless, article-spun rehash, that’s full of backlinks to websites that have absolutely nothing to do with your business and that gives no valuable information and help to users, Google will find you out and give your more worthwhile competitors better rankings than you. Your poor content will find you out!
  1. Google Wants to See Relevant Backlinks: They want to meet your friends. In other words, Google gauges your credibility by who you know. Ever heard of the saying that goes “You can know a person by who they hang out with”? Well, the same philosophy holds true on the internet. Remember that the “www” means World Wide Web i.e. a web of relationships between people using computers as a tool. You are not an island so practice some good hospitality and choose the very best friends online. That way you create a community of relationships that Google respects. Connect to quality forums, social networks, and websites that relate to your industry and to your business.

Using these 3 guidelines in your online marketing efforts will reap great rewards from Google for your local business.