Are you working remotely? Tools to help with productivity

Are you working remotely right now? Don’t worry, we’re all in a transition phase right now with our industries, and some people are not comfortable working from home. Now is the time to embrace this transition and build on it. First of all, have some hope! Stay optimistic and be ready for a better future.

Since the teams at Focused Idea mostly work remotely, we’ve been getting questions about the tools we use. Here are the best tools we prefer using for our business:

    • SetMore: Online calendar to schedule calls
    • Loom: Record short video tutorials on your desktop to send to team members, clients or customers.
    • Zoom: Replace in-person meetings with a Zoom video call to maintain that personal relationship with your team or clients.
    • Google Drive: Cloud-based documents and great for working with a team, sharing documents and editing documents together.
    • Social Media Marketing: Advertise and connect with your audience right now through social media. Digital reach is at an all-time high with more online use!
    • Slack: Slack is more than a tool for chatting—it’s almost a religion. If the hilarious gifs and useful chatbots don’t hook you, the endless array of integrations that will cut down on your emails most certainly will.
    • iDoneThis: iDoneThis is an interesting tool for remote teams who want to keep tabs on each others’ progress.