5 Ways To Adjust Your Law Firm Content Marketing During COVID-19

During the outbreak of COVID-19, many law firms have felt the pressure to either completely close their physical offices or move their services online. Many have even been forced to reduce their staff. That means adjusting their law firm content marketing is even more critical for law firms to maintain their online reputation and to continue attracting new clients.

With these marketing techniques for online content, law firms can better manage the narrative and any adverse effect that COVID-19 has on their business. The work you do now is likely to bring substantial organic benefits in six months.

1. Re-Engage Your Existing List of Email Contacts

Your email list may consist of newsletter subscribers or past customers. It can be a great source of new and repeat business. Although ramping up your paid marketing efforts could be challenging, you can still re-engage the people on your list to drive traffic, increase sales, and collect positive customer feedback.

One way to do this is to compose an email series that tells past customers of the work you have done together, thanks them for their company, and asks them to leave a comment on your Facebook page, Google My Business profile, and other review sites. Doing this will remind them who you are, keeping you fresh in mind if they have referrals to send your way, but these positive reviews can also improve the SEO of your law firm. This may increase your rankings in the results of the Google search and thus direct even more traffic and customers to your website.

Five Ways To Adjust Your Law Firm Content Marketing During COVID-19

2. Use Existing Blog Posts in Different Ways

Law firm content marketing is more than just blog posts. Whether your law firm has the budget to create new blog content or not, using your existing content in a different way to generate the most traffic from multiple channels is always a smart choice. This entails taking the website’s current content and changing it into new blogs, videos, or emails that can be distributed to a broader audience. For example, if you have an old post that is a bit stagnant, you can turn it into a script for a YouTube video.

By sharing the video on social media, you can then generate both organic traffic to your video and social traffic. You can also pick short phrases from your blog post to share and draw traffic on social media.

3. Use Video Marketing in Your Law Firm Content Marketing

We are in uncertain times, and many people have questions about how to handle their legal cases and whether the justice system is on hold. It’s an excellent time to expand your law firm’s authority by giving your public with valuable knowledge.

Video content creation is free as long as you have a webcam or smartphone and free video editing software, such as iMovie. You can record valuable videos related to your area of expertise, publish those videos on YouTube and your website, and generate organic traffic.

You can also upload these videos on social media, where future clients can access them. But even though your marketing budget is low, free video content can be used to generate leads and keep your law firm afloat.

4. Change Your Tune (And Positioning)

With many people feeling unsure about the future, law firms must positively approach their marketing. The traditionally “aggressive” tactics may not work because people consider where their priorities lie, how they can hold their families together, etc.

Think about how your future clients might be feeling during this period, and what legal resources they may need. Will they need counseling when it comes to resolving family conflict? Will they face bankruptcy due to income loss? Be aware of these problems and respond in the best possible way.

Law firms with a more sympathetic approach are in a better position to reach potential clients where they are and separate themselves from other law firms. With this in mind, post content relevant to what your audience is facing and how you can assist them during this time of trouble.

5. Publish COVID-19-Related Resources

During COVID-19, many legal issues may arise due to job loss, family stress, etcetera. That means people will be on the lookout for true, useful COVID-19-related information, hiring an attorney, and navigating the legal system.

Now is a great time to publish a COVID-19 FAQ page on your site to answer any burning concerns your audience might have, such as:

  • Can I still hire an attorney during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Are courthouses staying open during COVID-19?
  • What will happen to my case if…
  • What will happen if I lose my job during COVID-19?
  • Should I still pay the rent during COVID-19?

By posting this content, you provide value to your target audience and have the opportunity to rank in the Google search results for keywords related to coronavirus. That means you may be able to organically attract more traffic and customers to your website if users search for any of those terms or phrases.

Your Law Firm Content Marketing in Conclusion

The Harvard Business Review stated, “on average, increases in marketing spending during a recession have boosted financial performance throughout the year following the recession.” Even though fewer clients might be searching for legal services right now, that doesn’t mean it’s time to relax with your content marketing.

Your law firm can adopt these five content marketing strategies to increase your authority, traffic, and lead generation during this crisis. Just be sure to remember what your target market needs and how, during this period, you can offer your services.