Managing Your Digital Marketing Presence During COVID-19

If your organization has temporarily stopped doing business or chosen to introduce a telework schedule, how you handle your digital marketing strategy might change in response to this ongoing health crisis. Here are some suggestions for managing your digital marketing footprint during COVID-19:

Be Aware of Your Tone

The strength of social media during this pandemic is its ability to create a sense of community on digital channels. Changes in routine, different work environments, and social distancing have been challenging for many people. Yet, there is a sense of optimism in realizing that we can and will continue to connect using the internet. The tone communicated by companies and people has varied. It is essential to stay optimistic while also taking into account the situation when managing your digital marketing presence right now. Even if not all companies can offer their two cents on the virus, there is nothing wrong with posting or exchanging messages about the potential effects of the pandemic that you may have some experience. The Focused Idea team wants to share our thoughts on working from home. With so many people telecommuting, we felt it was our responsibility to support fellow workers and to provide lessons learned from operating as a remote organization. What ideas or updates will your organization share during this time of transition and uncertainty?

Identify marketing campaigns that should be put on holdIdentify Marketing Campaigns that Should be put On Hold

You may have planned a stellar email marketing campaign to notify consumers of a new product or service that your company is currently selling. During challenging times like these, it’s worth noting that it’s okay to press the pause button on non-urgent ads. Try turning your attention to ways that your company will help out existing customers during this health crisis. Despite a reduction in businesses that can stay open right now, it is exciting to see several big corporations market their goods while acknowledging the effect that COVID-19 has on our everyday lives. Uber Eats, for example, refused to run ads on St. Patrick’s Day offering delivery specials. Instead, they promoted a particular campaign — their new initiative to keep small businesses afloat. With this campaign, any Uber Eats customer in the U.S. or Canada who orders from a local restaurant will pay zero delivery charges.

Tell Clients of the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Industry

The continuation of business in this unique situation differs across industries. Companies who do a significant amount of their business online have been able to telework, while some small businesses like restaurants have been forced to shut down temporarily. In whatever ways this pandemic affects your company or industry as a whole, be sure to share your updates with your customers. You might place a banner on your website, send an email blast or post on social media sites. Informing customers of the latest modification in the business operations will ease any frustration they may have and advise them to service gaps before they choose to make a phone call and ask about it. Even if your company hasn’t seen much impact as a consequence of the pandemic, it’s still a great idea to consider this situation and show your support to those who are sick. A quick email or social media message will reassure customers that you are looking out for them — and that your business values are a lot more than just the bottom line.

Support Other BusinessesSupport Other Businesses

Regardless of your industry, many companies are being hit just as hard — if not harder — than yours during this pandemic. Companies around the world are using social media to warn others about their latest pain points due to the government’s mandated shutdowns. Many small businesses are now looking for loans to finance payrolls, taxes, and fixed debts. Luckily, the power of the internet helps spread messages from companies that find themselves in a desperate situation. A company in Florida posted a video on Youtube explaining their complete loss of revenue due to a 15-day suspension of their industry’s services. Through the support of fans, colleagues, and other groups, the video was shared to the extent that it attracted the attention of Governor DeSantis. The governor of the state of Florida was able to assist the company, acknowledging their need for shares, likes, comments, and updates.

In times like the COVID-19 pandemic, we must unite and consider goals other than business promotion. Big businesses are helping their employees and fellow small businesses by waiving service charges, granting workers with sick leave, and delivering free meals to those in need.